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A Day At The Beach

On April 10th, 2008, Bee Solutions was called out to an industrial site
at Gilchrist in Galveston County, Highway 87.

What we found is a 70-pound nest of suspected Africanized bees in
old construction cribbing. When we started tearing into the cribbing to
access the bees, they became hostile and covered us and the truck
that was sitting nearby, which is our safe haven if things get too bad.
We exterminated the nest and removed all of the comb.

We then proceeded to another industrial site three miles away in the
Gilchrist area and exterminated and removed about a six-pound nest
hanging out in the open. Remember, European bees usually do not
build out in the open. No one was attacked but us, so we did not send
off a sample this time.

We are getting used to this because we are seeing this more and
more in this area. So the day at the beach was worse for the bees
than it was for us.