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The Worst Day Of My Life At The Beach

Date: April 15th, 2008

If you think the I.R.S. is aggressive and hostile, you should have been
with Bee Solutions personnel this day.

A homeowner in Crystal Beach, TX, called us to his property to look at
a suspected problem. This was a large understatement to say the

The bees were nesting in a broken-down, abandoned mobile home.
We had to slide scaffolding boards inside the front door so we would
have something solid to stand on.

As soon as we climbed in, the fight was on. The bees started
attacking by the hundreds and stinging our suits and veils. We started
the extermination process and ripping the wall down as we went.

The nest was 18 inches wide and 7 feet tall. After the living room, we
moved to what used to be a bedroom. We found a nest about 18
inches wide and about six feet tall. Again, we started taking the wall
down so we could access the bees for extermination.

Before we finished the second one, things got so bad we had to get
out of the house. There was very little light inside the house so we
could not tell how bad it really was. When we stepped outside into the
sunlight is when we realized that we had gotten into something worse
than we had ever been in before.

The sky was black for 200 feet around the mobile home with tens of
thousands of angry bees in the air looking for their next victim. We
walked for about 100 yards to get out of the cloud of bees and away
from the mobile home. After about 5 minutes, we only had about 100
bees harassing us.

When we walked back up to the mobile home to continue the job,
immediately hundreds of bees attacked our suits again. I did not
particularly want to go back in, but there was no where else to go at
that point. I guess if you are going to be dumb, you have to be tough.

So we climbed back in and destroyed the second colony. Then we
went into the third room, and tore the ceiling out but did not find the
third nest. We knew they were there because we could hear the
noise. So we pulled down a sheet of paneling, and there they were.

This nest was about 2 feet wide between the studs from the floor to
the ceiling, 8 feet tall. We exterminated them. The whole process took
almost two hours in our custom-made extra-thick bee suits.

We also found evidence of six other abandoned nests in this mobile
home: lots of dried comb in other walls. Obviously, these bees had
been there for many, many years, with each live nest kicking out 12 to
20 swarms a year.

So welcome to Crystal Beach!

You have read about them, you have heard about them. They are no
longer on their way here. They are here. Don't try this at home.

We did collect and send samples to A & M. When we have the results,
we will post them.