Tales From The Nest

“Tales From The Nest” is a
collection of fact-based stories as
encountered by employees of Bee
Solutions LLC and first-hand
accounts from victims dealing with
encounters of suspected and
confirmed Africanized-hybrid
honeybees in Jefferson, Orange,
Chambers, Galveston, Liberty, and
Harris counties.
These are not your Grandpa's bees. And they're not Hollywood's bees

These bees attack and kill pets, livestock, and people every year in six
states now: Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and
Choose a tale:
A Tower of Bees
A Very Bad Day In The Bee Yard
The Worst Monday A Person Could Have
The Nest In My Yard
The Water Meter Surprise
The Day The Tree Fell In My Yard
The Day The Bees Went To School In Beaumont, Texas
A Day At The Beach
The Worst Day Of My Life At The Beach
Death Of A Family Pet
The Day I Couldn't Play In My Yard Any More