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The Worst Monday A Person Could Have

This story was told first-hand to us by the victim himself, Mr. Elias
Cordona, of Port Arthur, TX.

Mr. Cordona at the time was approximately 60 years old. He was
working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers with a land surveying
crew on Pleasure Island, Port Arthur, TX, on a hot, humid, August day
in 2004.

While cutting a survey line, he unknowingly and unsuspectingly
disturbed what was believed to be a suspected Africanized honeybee
colony. In the next three to four minutes, before he could escape and
get into a pickup truck, he was covered with bees. It is estimated by
hospital staff that over 500 stingers were removed from his head,
face, and upper body.

Honeybees, like most stinging insects, always go for the face first
because of the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale. They
are very sensitive to its presence, and it causes them to go into an
alarm/attack mode.

After the stingers were removed from Mr. Cordona, he was placed in
I.C.U. for the first four days. He then spent almost two weeks after that
in the hospital recovering from the bee attack. He had other medical
problems that arose during the hospital stay, including infections and
pneumonia, which resulted in almost 9 weeks in and out of the
hospital. He was unable to return to work for three months after he
was released from the hospital.

No samples were collected or processed or tested from this attack.
So this attack never went into the record book. Mr. Cordona has since
retired from the Army Corps of Engineers and still lives in Port Arthur,
TX today.