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Death Of A Family Pet

Date: April 8th, 2008

Bee Solutions personnel were called by the Orange Texas Fire
Department to a home where a dog had been stung multiple times.
The attack was over, and the bees had settled down. So the Fire
Department put up barricade tape and left the scene.

We responded the next morning, and found a very upset homeowner.
His 18-pound Irish Settler puppy had died during the night about ten
hours after the attack.

The bees were located in an old garage at the back of the property.
Since the bees had attacked the dog, we did not give them any
chance to start an attack. We stepped into their personal space
spraying State-restricted chemicals, exterminating them before they
could get started attacking anyone. Then we started opening the wall
and exterminating as we went. Every board we pulled off, we
exterminated the bees immediately.

When it was over, we had opened a space two-feet wide and six-feet
tall. Again, very little honey was found and about 70% of the comb was
covered with eggs, larvae, and sealed brood.

We examined the deceased pet. Since it was a long-haired dog, it
was hard to tell how many stings the dog received in his body. But
inside his ears, his eyelids, his mouth and snout, were rolls and rolls
of stingers. I counted about 80.

We collected and sent a sample to A & M. When we have the results,
we will post them here.

This is not the first pet to die in Orange or Jefferson County. But this is
the first time we were able to respond and collect a sample before the
bees dried up.