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The Day The Bees Went To School In Beaumont, Texas

Date: December 2006

From December 2006 through October 2007, Bee Solutions
personnel were called to B.I.S.D. campuses five times. We removed
bees four times.

The first time was at Westbrook High School in the football stadium
field house. That nest weighed approximately 20 pounds and was in
the floor of the Press Box.

The second time was a swarm under a portable classroom at
Regina-Howell Elementary. These bees were unusually aggressive
for a swarm. They had only been there a few hours and they had
already become territorial, which is not European bee behavior. We
decided to destroy that swarm rather than try to relocate it, since their
behavior was suspicious.

The third time was at the Westbrook High School baseball field
house. This nest was in the wall, was three feet wide and six feet tall,
and weighed approximately 100 pounds. These bees were definitely
European honey bees. However, they still had to be removed since
bees and children do not get along well when they try to share the
same space.

The fourth time was back at Westbrook High School again, this time
in the football field house. More than likely, a swarm split from the first
time that went unnoticed because it would have been very small at the
time of the first removal.

The fifth time was at the Eugene Field Elementary school. This hive
was living in a pine tree and was destroyed by a contractor doing new
construction on the campus.

All five call-outs and the four subsequent removals were performed by
Bee Solutions LLC free of charge, at no cost to the school district or to
taxpayers, as a public service since safety of the children is one of our
primary concerns.

However, we are a private company and have to survive in the real
world. There will be no more free bee work for B.I.S.D. in the future.