Services We Provide

Bee Solutions LLC is the only state-certified, licensed, and insured
LIVE bee removal company in Southeast Texas. We safely trap and
remove bees in Orange, Jefferson, Hardin, Liberty, Galveston,
Newton, Chambers, and Jasper counties in Texas. Licensed and
regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest
Control Service. We remove Africanized (aka Killer Bees), European
and African-hybrid honey bees.
Humane pigeon control and
state-licensed nuisance alligator hunts.

We remove established colonies from all types of structures:
residential, commercial, and industrial. The bees are removed alive
and relocated.

We will remove swarms if the customer requests from commercial
and industrial sites. For residential customers, we realize this is the
most awesome sight you've ever seen when a swarm of bees lands.
If no one is being hurt, we recommend you wait one day before you
call. At least 60% of the time, the bees are just moving through.

Establishing a trap line with a chemical pheromone lure, which
causes a passing swarm to colonize the trap and stop at the
perimeter. We then remove the trap and put the bees back to work in
the environment unless they're Africanized; then they will be destroyed.

Beeproofing structures and industrial equipment. This service is
available for commercial and industrial customers only.

Safety training first response for municipalities and industrial sites.
Training lasts about three hours. Inculdes DVDs, hands-on
equipment techniques for rescuing a victim of a bee attack and
extensive Q&A session.