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A Tower of Bees

Date: March 14th, 2007

In mid-March of 2007, Bee Solutions personnel responded to,
located, and destroyed a swarm of what was believed to be
Africanized honeybees in Devers, TX, Highway 90, Liberty County, on
a commercial communications tower. These bees were extremely
aggressive with no provocation and chased our personnel and the
vehicle 2500 feet. After the bees were exterminated, a sample was
collected and sent to Texas A & M Bee Laboratory for further analysis.
The lab report states these bees were European stock with 27%
Africanized ancestry.  Africanized bees were confirmed in Liberty
County in late 2004. Now in early 2007, samples are testing out in
this 25% - 27% Africanized range. As time goes by, Africanized
ancestry will increase in wild bee swarms until it reaches 89%
Africanized. At that point, the bees will be considered 100%
Africanized. This is too close to home to be taken lightly if you live in
Jefferson, Orange, Chambers, Galveston and Harris counties. You
are now surrounded by counties confirmed to have been colonized by
Africanized bees. They are here to stay.

You may not realize that people and livestock are being attacked and
killed by Africanized bees in Texas every season.